95 Awesomely Named Food and Drink Joints Along A1A

After an exhaustive, virtual ride down A1A via Google Maps, as well as performing several cuts to our original list (over 400 at one point), Larcy and I have chosen the following as food and drink establishments with the coolest, most A1Aish monikers along or close to A1A, and with the potential for awesome t-shirts (though we are sure some probably do not sell them but should). The list is basically in order from north to south.

We chose 95 of these joints in honor of I-95, which will get you up and down Florida’s east coast more quickly, but will also deprive you of hitting these independently-owned spots that exude an A1A personality. Of course, you will find a Cracker Barrel or any fast-food restaurant along I-95—ho hum, indeed.

We would love to hear comments on any of these joints you have visited. Also, if you feel we left any cool-named joints off this list, let us know. This is, however, our list, and we are sticking to it (for now, anyhow).

Nassau County

1. Aloha Bagel and Deli (video)
2. Salty Pelican (video)
3. Happy Tomato
4. Hammerhead Beach Bar (video)

Duval County

5. A1A Food Store
6. Wipeouts Grill
7. Jumpin Jax House of Food (video)
8. Two Dudes Seafood Restaurant (video)
9. The Fly’s Tie Irish Pub (video)
10. Poe’s Tavern (video)
11. Flying Iguana Taqueria and Tequila Bar (video)
12. Monkey’s Uncle Tavern (video)
13. Pelican’s SnoBalls (video)
14. Cup of Job (video)

St. Johns County

15. No Name Bar (video)
16. Florida Cracker Café (video)
17. Bull & Crown Publick House (video)
18 Boat Drinks
19. The Tini Martini Bar (video)
20. The Blackfly (video)
21. Odd Birds Cocktail Lounge and Kitchen (video)
22. The Bullet Café
23. Pelican Pub
24. Redfrog and McToad’s Grub-n-Pub (video)

Flagler County

25. Iron Boot Pub
26. Saltwater Croc’s Grill
27. The Funky Pelican (video)
28. Beach Belly Bob’s Sandwich Shop (video)

Volusia County

29. Hanky Panky’s Lounge
30. Charlie Horse
31. The Beach Bucket (video)
32.. Sloppy Joe’s Daytona Beach (video)
33.. Cow Lick’s (video)
34. YaYa’s Beachside Bar (video)
35. First Turn Lounge (video)
36. Izzy’s Island Tacos and Ice Cream
37. No Name Saloon (video)

Brevard County

38. Loyd Have Mercy (video)
39. Preacher Bar
40. Duck Dive
41. Epic Beach Bar and Grill
42. Jamaikin Me Crazy (video)
43. . The Fat Donkey Ice Cream and Fine Desserts (video)
44. Hunkerdown Hideaway (video)
45. The Skinny Mermaid
46. Squid Lips (video)
47. The Fat Snook (video)
48. The Wicked Pineapple
49. Bunky’s Raw Bar and Seafood Grill (video)
50. Mel’s Tiki Café

St. Lucie County

51. One Crafty Weenie
52. We Be Poppin FL
53. Tipsy Tiki (video)

Martin County

54. The Magic Oyster Bar (video)

Palm Beach County

55. Time to Eat Diner
56. 3 Natives (video)
57. Lazy Loggerheads Café
|58. Johnny Longboats (video)
59. The Whale’s Rib (video)

Broward County

60. Beef and Reef Restaurant and Piano Bar (video)
61. Spud’s Coffee
62. Just 1 More Tavern
63. Yo Mama’s Ice Cream
64. McSorley’s (video)
65 . Le Tub Saloon (video)

Dade County

66. Skullys Tavern (video)
67. Wilde on the Porch
68. Icy-N-Spicy (video)
69. The Salty Donut (video)
70. The Dirty Rabbit (video)
71. Jamrock Kitchen (video)
72. Robert is Here Fruit Stand (video)
73. Last Chance Saloon (video)

Monroe County

74. Alabama Jacks (video)
75. Jimmy Johnson’s Big Chill (video)
76. Caribbean Club (video)
77. Capt. Morgan’s Lemonade Saloon
78. Fernandez the Bull Cuban Grill
79. Captain Craig’s Restaurant
80. Blond Giraffe Key Lime Pie Factory (video)
81. What the Fish? Rolls and More
82. Ziggie and Mad Dog’s (video)
83. Mangrove Mike’s Café
84. Bob’s Bunz
85. Cracked Conch Café (video)
86. Barnacle Barney’s Tiki Bar and Grill (video)
87. Porky’s Bayside Marina and Restaurant (video)
88. 7 Mile Grill (video)
89. Big Pine Rooster
90. No Name Pub (video)
91. Square Grouper Bar and Grill (video)
92. Mangrove Mama’s (video)
93. Baby’s Coffee (video)
94.100 Miles to Cuba
95. Hogfish Bar and Grill (video)

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